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You’ve probably seen Dani in a film or on television hundreds of times and yet you’d probably walk straight by her in the street.  She belongs to the elite and very select band of highly trained and highly talented stunt performers in the UK.

In the early days of film making, professional stunt men or women simply didn’t exist.  If a dangerous shot needed taking, the film would hire anyone willing to risk life or limb for a few dollars.  Camera trickery didn’t exist and if they needed someone to jump out of a burning building, they most likely jumped out of a real burning building, with no fire extinguisher at the ready and barely even a padded mat to land on.

That was then and this is now.  Stunt performing and coordination is an integral part of the success of productions, from Hollywood multi-million dollar action films to BBC dramas such as Dr Who.  As much as technology evolves and the action sequences look ever more stunning, at the centre of it all, are the skills of stunt professionals such as Dani Biernat.

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