me abseilingAs anyone in the stunt world knows, listing your credits isn’t always easy!  We’re not always credited, and sometimes we’re in just a few shots but click on for the most up to date information.    Dani’s credits include:

2013  Thor: The Dark World  – Stunt Double

2012  Skyfall  – Stunts

2012  The Sweeney Stunt performer

2012  John Carter Stunt performer

2011  Hugo Stunt Double: Mama Jeanne

2011  Johnny English Reborn Stunt Performer

2011  Big Fat Gypsy Gangster Stunt Coordinator

2010  Dead Cert Stunt Coordinator

2010   Devil’s Playground Stunt Coordinator

2006-2010   Holby City  Stunt Performer

2005-2013  Doctor Who  Stunt Performer

2010  A Touch of Frost  Stunt Performer

2010  Clash of the Titans  Stunt Performer

2010  The Wolfman Stunt Performer

2009   Paradox  Stunts

2009   Malice in Wonderland Stunt Coordinator

2009   May Contain Nuts  Stunt Performer

2009  Primeval  Stunt Performer

2009  Whitechapel  Stunt Performer

2008  Quantum of Solace Stunts

2008  How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Stunt Performer

2008  The Last Enemy  Stunt Performer

2008  Incendiary Stunt Double

2007  National Treasure: Book of Secrets   Stunts

2007  True Dare Kiss  Stunt Coordinator

2002- 2007 Wire in the Blood  Stunt Performer /Stunt Coordinator

2007  Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Stunt Performer

2007 Life on Mars  Stunt Performer

2007  Judge John Deed  Stunt Coordinator

2006  The Magic Flute  Stunt Performer

2006   Children of Men Stunt Performer

2003-2006  Silent Witness  Stunt Performer

2006   The Kindness of Strangers  Stunt Performer

2006   The Da Vinci Code Stunt Performer

2005   Hex  Stunt Performer

2005  New Tricks  Stunt Coordinator

2005  The Commander: Virus  Stunt Performer

2004  Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Stunts

2004  Cutting It  Stunts

2004  Shaun of the Dead Stunt Performer

2004  Dalziel and Pascoe  Stunt Performer

2003  Winter Solstice  Stunt Performer

2003  Danielle Cable: Eyewitness  Stunt Arranger, Stunts

2003  The Commander  Stunts

2002  Bait  Stunts

2002  28 Days Later… Stunt Performer, Stunts

2002   Sparkhouse  Stunts

2002  Footballers’ Wives  Stunt Double

2002  Sentinels of Darkness  Stunts

2001  Linda Green Stunt Driver

2001  Charlotte Gray  Stunts

2001  IDream Stunts

2001  High Heels and Low Lifes   Stunt Double /Stunt Performer

2001  Bridget Jones’s Diary Stunt Double: Renee Zellweger

2001  Mind Games  Stunts

2000  Complicity Stunt Performer, Stunts

2000  A Many Splintered Thing  Stunts

2000  Circus Stunt Performer

2000  The 10th Kingdom  Stunts

2000  At Home with the Braithwaites  Stunts

1999  Doomwatch: Winter Angel  Stunt Double

1999  Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Stunt Performer

1999  Smack the Pony  Stunt Performer

1998  Merlin  Stunts

1998  Peak Practice  Stunt Double

1997  Spice World Stunt Performer

1997  Tomorrow Never Dies Stunts

1997  Touching Evil  Stunts

1997  Family Affairs  Stunt Driver

1988  London’s Burning  Stunts

1980  Heart Beat Stunt Performer

2003  State of Mind Actress

2002 Messiah 2: Vengeance Is Mine Actress

2002 Sentinels of Darkness Actress

2001 Los Dos Bros Actress 

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